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In colorado

Aug. 28th, 2010 | 12:07 pm
Mmood: busybusy

Soooo, I haven't really posted anything in ages. I'm still here! :p

Living in Colorado now with silverfang, looking at moving closer to work in the next month or so.

Got a great software job, pay is good and the job itself is pretty fun (usually).

Weather out here is pristine! Always hot and low humidity, and when it rains, it disappears quickly.

Looking at coming back home in november around thanksgiving. Gotta see my family and friends, and see about moving the rest of my crap out of my mom's place.

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Feb. 21st, 2010 | 08:46 pm

So, the Barrakoda is moving. Heading out west, to a little town called Denver, maybe you've heard of it?

:p Gonna be rooming with my best friend Tom and just really trying to see how I can do away from the family and all. (Honestly don't think Its gonna be a big deal, the wuff's really great company and is probably my #1 reason for the move anyway! ;))

But yeah, heading out that way March 12th 2010, with my Uhaul trailer. Tom will be flying in to help me move and keep me sanecompany for the trip! I'm so crazy excited! Get to keep working for my current job as a consultant for a few months too, which will give me a great chance to interview for a permanent *crosses fingers* job.

Wish me luck! And to my friends from local, I'm not gone forever, I'll still come back and visit once in a while! My mom is really keen on me coming back for Thanks Giving or Christmas ;)

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Jul. 1st, 2009 | 09:30 am
Mmood: bouncybouncy

So like Anthrocon and stuff :D

Will be leaving tomorrow (Thursday) at 1pm. Have a fur from the area who needed a lift so I'll be bringing him. (Which will be nice, won't be alone on the voyage.. like 5.5 hours >_>)

We pick up Izzy at the Pittsburgh airport at 7pm then its fun fun fun! Leaving early Monday morning.

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Bachelors of Science

May. 17th, 2009 | 12:24 am
Mmood: excitedwoof!
Music: Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster

So, its official. I've graduated.

Bachelors of Science in the Computer Science field, cum laude. :)

Party was nice.. can't wait to open all the cards...

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I think I'm turning 22, I think I'm turning 22, I really think so...

Mar. 13th, 2009 | 10:22 am


So, on the 25th I'll be 22 already. Man, it's incredible how fast the time goes. Lots of neat stuff happened in my 21st year, got a motorcycle, got a software developer job, did tons of computer stuff, traveled, and had my first year of being able to drink! Woo woo!

But now, my driver's license is expiring, I'm gone to school/work every day from 9am-10pm, people count on me to get a ton of crap done, and I just wish there were 40 hours in a day!

Ah well, have to go take a Geology exam... later!
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Music Meme

Feb. 26th, 2009 | 12:02 am
Mmood: bouncybouncy

Okay, so I got this from Tilly. Its a music thing. You're supposed to post songs you know which start with a letter someone else gives you. So in my journal, I give you a letter! I *got* the letter 'n' from pointytilly.

No Rain - Blind Melon (wonderfully weird intro >_>)

New York, New York - Frank Sinatra (wonderfully old)

Nice Weather For Ducks - Lemon Jelly (wonderfully trippy)

Night Moves - Bob Seger (wonderfully classic)

Name - Goo Goo Dolls (wonderfully depressed)

So reply here, and I'll give you a letter! :) You're supposed to make a journal too then, but its cool if you just post it here :)

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New President is...

Nov. 5th, 2008 | 08:29 am
Mmood: amusedamused


In lieu of the awesomeness that the USA did in electing him, does anyone else here believe, the Obama campaign owes SERIOUS money to the creators of 'Bob The Builder'?

"Yes We Can!" - Like 10 cents a pop I bet XD

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Oct. 11th, 2008 | 04:42 pm
Mmood: bouncybouncy

PICTURECollapse )
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[XP Tweak] Retrieve Hard Drive Space

Sep. 29th, 2008 | 10:46 am
Mmood: chipperchipper

1. Record the current amount of free space you have :3

2. Get Updates - Run Windows Update and get all the most recent updates to your computer. Including SP3!

3. Clean Up Windows Update - After it installs and you're satisfied everything is still working, do the following:

Open windows explorer to C:\Windows\ and delete EVERY folder that looks like '$NtUninstall....$' (sort the folder by name, it helps) The icons will be shaded, and the text will most likely be blue (which signifies the folders are compressed).

If you don't see any, you need to enable seeing hidden files and folders. (Tools>Folder Options>View>'Show hidden files and folders')

If you've never done this before, there could be literally hundreds of them.
Double check before you press the delete key that the only files you've selected are Those $NtUninistall.. folders. If you see one called $hf_mig$ you can delete that too.

Tip: Use [Shift]+[Del] to skip the recycle bin

Next, there is a folder there called ie7updates. You can nuke that, its just like the $NtUninstall.. folders. Keep digging until you see 'ServicePackFiles.' You can nuke that.

Once this is done, we should have freed you up ooohh maybe 1-3GB.

But we're not done yet! :D

4. Temp Files - In the address bar in windows explorer (if you don't have one do View>Tool Bars>Address Bar. You may need to move it over by clicking the text so you can drag it bigger) type in %temp% and hit enter. Also, if you have multiple users, you'll need to do this for every user!

Close all your open programs ('Cept the browser). Microsoft programs like office, outlook, visual studio, or other ones like Photoshop, paint shop, video editors, whatever, will write files to here that you can't delete (because they're in use) and cause hell when you try to delete stuff.

Do a [ctrl]+A to select everything in this temp folder and delete it. If you do get errors, just skip the offending files. (Stuff like 'Perflib_PerfData..' or ones like '~de984.tmp' just skip over those and keep deleting)

This should get you ~1-2GB

Still not done!

5. Clean Up System Restore {for users with system restore enabled (on by default)} - First go to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore and create a restore point right now.

Close it when done.

Now, open disk cleanup by hitting [Windows Key]+R and typing in 'cleanmgr' and hit enter.
Select the drive which windows is installed on (C:\ 99% of the time). Let it 'calculate' for a few minutes. Go get a drink and a cookie and then come back :)

Go to the More Options tab and click 'Clean up...' under System Restore. Click yes on the message box.

This step alone can theoretically save you up to like.. 7GB of hard drive space.

Back in the main window, go back to the Disk Cleanup tab.
You can check everything in there EXCEPT 'Compress old files'. DON'T BE TEMPTED BY IT.

Let it do its thing and now check out how much free space you just earned yourself :D

6. Last things - These are small things usually, but *can* have a substantial hard drive paw-print.

C:\MSOCache (a hidden folder) This contains Office setup files, so that if you want to install new features that weren't installed the first time, you don't need your CD. So if you still have your CD, you can safely delete this. Mine was 464MB

C,D,E..:\{various} (sometimes hidden) Look for folders in the root of your partitions that have long names with numbers and lower case letters only. These are temporary extraction spaces for updates or programs. You can delete these safely. I didn't have any this go, as I deleted them before. Probably 500MB

C:\Temp, C:\Windows\Temp (not hidden) These are places older programs store temporary data, and the *contents* can be safely deleted. 0-100Mb

C:\i386 - This one is up to you. This is the Windows XP installation cache folder. Nothing in here is needed to *run* windows after the fact, but if you don't have an XP disk, or certain OEM computers, plugging in a flash drive, scanner, printer, whatever can require drivers from this location. Most of the time, it is left over from an OEM install of windows, and you really don't need it. This one will get you somewhere between 500MB-1GB.

Clear your browser cache(s). Yes, IE too, even if you don't use it!

7. Recycle Bin - Empty it.

8. IMPORTANT! Defrag! While defragging may only free up 1 or 2 Mb of free space, it is an important step after deleting as many files as we have. Run it once, and then run it a second time right after to further densify the files. This can help with performance..

9. Report to me with how you made out! :D

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Aug. 27th, 2008 | 08:48 am
Music: Van Halen - Panama

So yesterday at school, I figured I'd update Windows on my laptop. Considering over the summer I maybe used it for a total of an hour or something, but I managed to not stick SP3 on it.

So, I'm at school and I figured, ahhh what the hell. Installed off of my flash drive, no problem.. I went to restart and BAM my pretty XP style is GONE.

Ohh yeah, I forgot, I had to use a patched uxtheme.dll file. Argh. Anyway, thats what I'm gonna be fixing...

By reformatting and installing XP Pro. Oh yeah, the Linux side also needs to be nuked. Its 2 major releases out of date.

Don't read, disgusting furry babble..Collapse )

I've also had Panama stuck in my head for like.. days..

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